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Here we introduce most available services at Surat Nikkei, these services are available in all rooms and suites for all of our guests.

Apartment and Condo Rental.

Renting a property in Bangkok, whether it is an apartment, house, flat or condominium, is a complex undertaking. SuratNikkei provides expert property advice on all aspects of home.

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Construction, Cleaning and Landscaping.

Nowadays, in the design of construction works is very important in the construction. Whether it’s building a factory, a warehouse, and a new office building for entrepreneurs.

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Business Interpretation and Translation.

When living overseas and engaging in a business, language barrier often have a negative impact and sometimes cause a serious concern.

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Car Rental.

Suratnikkei offers a wide selection of cars from economy cars to passenger cars , vans and trucks for rent for period ranging from a day , a month , to fleet rental of one year or more.

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Specailist Consultant.

Suratnikkei will select the qualified applicants in each position because we has the right consultants and experts in selecting the applicants to have the most needed.

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Protective equipment & office supplies.

Suratnikkei offers a wide range of safety products and environmental solutions. We provide a variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) to suit each user's needs.

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Who we are

Let’s find out how Surat Nikkei started and how maanagers develped its services during these years.

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